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Beyonce released a new album today.

That’s right, this HBIC didn’t even announce it, she just released it and I would be wrong not to include it in my WWTB because, you know, it’s Beyoncé.

Oh and did I mention it’s 14 songs long with 17 music videos?  With no fodder, with no hype, she just dropped a deluxe album.

Get it on iTunes today for $15.99.

WWTB: Dec. 3rd, 2013

Perhaps the strangest WWTB coupling ever. Lots of albums have been released in the last few weeks but most of them are decidedly lackluster (Black Flag’s What The… tops my disappointments). So, in all honesty, these are the albums I will be purchasing this week. 

Britney Spear’s newest album is on my list because, after all these years, I’m still rooting for you BritBrit (and “Perfume” is a pretty good song, okay?)

More importantly, I’ll be getting the debut album by the band Syd Arthur. The album has been well received and I love Syd Arthur’s ability to beautifully combine psychedelic rock with progressive and folk. 

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