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Some tremendous bands are releasing albums in the next two weeks!

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Two weeks in a row with plenty stuff worth buying. Way to go 2011:

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White Lies - ”Bigger Than Us

While not my favorite White Lies song, Bigger Than Us (with its strange music video) is quickly growing on me. Their second album is due out in January and I couldn’t help writing about them.

All of their songs have a sound of grandeur - as if the band just belongs in a stadium. I remember reading somewhere this specific song  was like “an anthem of the modern age.” And I think that’s true.

The music video is entertaining. A small budget remake (or parody) of the last scenes in ET. But the lovable alien has been replaced with a chocolate bar (in that the bar is the most desirable object to real kids). It is at times hilarious but also very dark. I’ve had it on replay all morning.

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