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The Middle East

The Middle East - Blood

Summer is a strangely slow time for tuneage–we tend to go back to the classics, to old favorites, rather than digging our fingers into the new music that’s out.

I like this song. I like that it is three years old and from a band that disbanded too early. I’m a strange sentimentalist. Also, considering the song came out in 2009, it should have gotten more attention considering how perfectly indie it sounds. They opened for Grizzly Bear that year.

I also like that there is a nice lyrical complexity in Blood. But the slow-build up has a pay-off. The gentlest of harmonies, the glockenspiel, the soft whistles and “wooos” lead to something strange and very lovely. You end up in the fourth minute before you realize there hasn’t been any “singing” for almost 60 seconds.

In fact, the last third of the song is completely removed of any “lyrics.” Blood shucks its sound and it feels like you’ve emerged into a completely new song.

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