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Another light-in-number but heavy-with-awesome week.

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Tame Impala - “Desire Be, Desire Go”

Tame Impala’s released their debut album Innerspeaker recently and it’s a wonderful psychedelic romp. “Desire Be, Desire Go” happens to be the second track on the album, but this is the version from the their self-titled 2008 EP, which I find to be much more pleasing than the album version (which is still badass, of course).

The song starts off with “Here I come…,” the guitars and bass backing vocalist Kevin Parker up the second go-round as he sings a modulating “I.” The song breaks down as he laments “Everyday/What’s it for?” only for that emphatic dissonant chord to strike. Parker carries over the word “check” while the drums drop out, but the guitar picks up the familiar main motif once more. And then without time to even think, the beat and his modulating “I” come right back in. The first time I heard that was goosebumps and rock ‘n roll bliss.

I’m glad I heard this version first and for it to have been my first Tame Impala track. Having this lead off the EP (it’s track 2 on the album) created one of the best “opening statements” of any new artist I’ve heard in quite some time. If you’re a nerd like me and really appreciate an album or EP’s track order and listening to things in chronological order or “how the band wanted you to listen,” then you might appreciate this experience. It’s a one-time only thing, of course - the first listen of that first song you hear by a group. And this was mine.

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