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Maybe one of these days I’ll keep a regular WWTB schedule…maybe.

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You know when I said a couple of weeks ago that it was a good week to blow all your money on music? Well, that was a good week, but this week is even better and is going to cost you even more money. We’d apologize for your being broke if we weren’t completely wasted on good tunes…

The Raveonettes - “Last Dance

Fuzzy pop. I can’t get enough of it, and few bands deliver it with the consistent quality this Danish duo does. The Velvet Underground/Jesus and Mary Chain/Wall of Sound influence was felt as far back as the band’s first album, the fuzzy, noisy rocker that was Whip It On, but as the band has matured, The Raveonettes have more clearly brandished their love for 50s rock and roll/pop melodies and rhythms (including a great cover of “My Boyfriend’s Back”). In short, this band is all about juxtaposition, and I dare say the Raveonettes are making some of the best pop music out there these days.

This track, off their 5th studio album In and Out of Control (out on October 6), is almost indescribably awesome. The music feels like a dead-ringer for a prom-night anthem, while the lyrics are all about love and drug addiction. Juxtaposition indeed.

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