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Maybe one of these days I’ll keep a regular WWTB schedule…maybe.

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The Kills - “What New York Used to Be”

The Kills’ latest album Midnight Boom sounds like the late-night primal chantings of disaffected and world-weary lovers holed up in a seedy basement somewhere. For a minimalist band, guitarist Jamie “Hotel” Hince and vocalist Alison “VV” Mosshart provide a rather full and specific sound that speaks not only to jaded, well-dressed urbanites but to anyone that considers themselves a lover of rock-n-roll at its purest, its dirtiest. The band’s Big Apple eulogy, “What New York Used to Be” is a dark thrill-ride through the city’s romanticized and sordid past. The Kills conjure up some of the magic of “what used to be” while retaining their sharp, modern aesthetic.

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