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Three things this week, and none of them similar to each other.

…and things we missed last week:

Japandroids - “Wet Hair

Upon the release of his seminal I Get Wet, hard-partying enthusiast Andrew W.K. told the once-reputable Rolling Stone Magazine that an artist achieves true volume power when the music sounds loud, even when the volume dial is low. In response, the Japandroids present us with “Wet Hair.”  When I think about this song, the image of guitar amplifiers and drum heads on a conveyor belt springs to mind.  I can see it now:  The new gear arrives, the Japandroids get started, and less than three and a half minutes later, the amp has been reduced to a smoldering, foul-smelling metal-and-formerly-hard-plastic smudge on the floor.  The drum heads are scattered around the room, smoking and unrecognizable.  The Vancouver two-piece, clad in black and covered in sweat are still there, however.  And victorious.

And why shouldn’t they be?  In the time that it takes post-rock bands to get to the point, the Japandroids have already destroyed it. And with it, they’ve destroyed the cooler-than-thou pretense of most modern rock. They’ve taken the cold distance of Interpol and the audience-to-rock-god distance of the White Stripes, and reduced it to zero. With it, they say: “Come into our living room.  You can jump on the furniture. Don’t mind the conveyor belts. It’s going to get loud.”  Then, they proceed to shout you down about girls with wet hair, “Bikini Island” (!?), and French kisses. It sounds ludicrous until you realize that you’re right there, shouting it with them.

So give “Wet Hair” the W.K. test. Turn your speakers as low as they go and see if the band doesn’t sound like they’re trying to rip your eardrums out. I dare you.

Blue Roses - Riceboy Sleeps - Japandroids - The Antlers - Cave Singers - Jay Reatard - Cougar -

Regular Tuneage readers might have noticed something over the past month and a half: there was a distinct lack of WWTB posts. Well, chalk that up to a less-than-stellar July and a bout of lazy forgetfulness. We want you to be as up-to-date with the stuff you should be listening to as you can be, so here’s quick rundown of the stuff we bought in late-July to mid-August.

We apologize for the accidental hiatus, and will do better to stick to our regular WWTB schedule.

Bonus!: After looking at next week’s releases, there’s only one on the list that I’m interested in, and it seems to already be available from AmazonMP3, so I’m including it in this catch-up post.

Japandroids - “Young Hearts Spark Fire

On “Young Hearts Spark Fire” the garage rock duo Japandroids confronts the problem of youth: aging. “We used to dream. Now we worry about dying” the group laments, but the existential panic is never heavy-handed. In fact, it sounds like they’re on a rollercoaster ride.

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