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Grizzly Bear - “While You Wait For The Others

While the entire world has been rocking out to “Two Weeks" on everything from their iPods to Volkswagen commercials, "While You Wait For The Others" has slowly become my favorite song on Veckatimest.  With its swelling harmonies and typical, unnatural drumbeat it should quickly find a place on your playlist and in your heart.

If you can find it (I couldn’t and believe me, I tried) there is a really beautifully done video of this song being performed live.

Wilco - “Wilco (the Song)

I find it hard to believe but for my end of the year post I will make mention of the new Wilco album for the first time on Tuneage.  It seems that not posting favorites has become the new Tuneage trend of 2009, but we’re making up for it.

I guess Wilco is a tough sell for me.  I love almost everything they’ve done but it takes me awhile to realize it.  I can’t tell you how many times I had to listen to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot before I realized that everybody was right.  It seems like they are above just writing songs and are instead trying to find someplace deep inside of you where they can live.  But that is all psychobabble bullshit and we all know that they are just some guys doing what they love and they’re having fun doing it.

And with that, here are five bands who did what they love this year and gave me my Favorites of 2009:

Happy New Year, everybody.  I hope you have about a million or two million more.

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