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Four Tet - “Angel Echoes

Lists are just lists - always incomplete and never able to give a complete picture of what they’re trying to convey. But it is fun to come up with lists like this, going back through an entire years worth of songs and albums and realizing that, “wow - there’s so much good music out there.” Hopefully, we here at Tuneage have done a decent enough job at pointing you towards some of it.

In addition to the awesomeness we’ve given you here, I invite you to check out my Best of 2010 mix over at Mixcloud. It’s 32 tracks and nearly two hours of the year’s best, including tracks from my top 5 albums listed below.

Greg’s Favorites of 2010

Blu ft. U-God - “KeepItGoin”

Blu (one of my top 3 MC’s today) and U-God (Wu-Tang) with Flying Lotus on the beat? I’ll have some of that.

We’re finally starting to get some information and sounds from a new Blu album. Since signing a major-label deal (and since I posted an early Blu freestyle on Tuneage), he’s been relatively quiet, with some laying the blame on major label politricks. But he’s starting to divulge info on the new project, No York and it’s making me giddy just thinking about it. Producers include a veritable feast of LA beatmakers like Samiyam and Exile, as well as Tuneage favorites Flying Lotus, Daedeuls, and Shafiq from Sa-Ra.

Here’s to hoping it drops sooner rather than later.

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