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Air - “Sing Sang Sung (Black Moth Super Rainbow Remix)”

I’ve had this in my to-post queue for longer than I can remember, and can probably come up with 100 slacktastic reasons why I haven’t posted it yet. And the only reason I hadn’t just given up and deleted it without ever posting it is because, well, it’s really good.

Air tends to have a certain delicateness to their music, where BMSR tend to be anything but delicate. Apparently, though, when you let BMSR remix an Air track, they manage to take the original and turn it into an almost completely different song that somehow still feels at once like both an Air song and a BMSR song. Now that’s a good remix.

Black Moth Super Rainbow - “Born on a Day the Sun Didn’t Rise

Black Moth Super Rainbow (hereafter referred to as BMSR because I’m not typing that again) can be a challenging band: their music can be fairly bass heavy and drone-y, the lyrics, when you can understand them, don’t always make sense, and the vocals are always run through a vocoder. All this adds up to something that definitely doesn’t have universal appeal, but can be pretty rewarding if you’re willing to to stick with it.

Thankfully for those who have found BMSR too challenging in the past, their latest album, Eating Us is a bit more accessible. As you can tell from this song (the lead-off track on the album), the music feels more organic, the beats are more straight-forward, and while the vocals are still all pushed through a vocoder, they somehow manage to feel less affected. All that leads to an album that has broader appeal while still being distinctly a BMSR album, which is something a lot of bands never manage to do.

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