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Big week. BIG week.

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The Tough Alliance

The Tough Alliance - "A New Chance (Juan Maclean remix)"

A problem I have with year-end lists is that mine quickly become outdated as I spend the first couple months of the following year playing acclaimed music catch-up. Last year for instance, I ranked M83 as my favorite album but over the past year, I came to appreciate 2008 releases by Air France (thanks Tuneage!), Vampire Weekend and Crystal Castles. Some spoilsports might argue that “such is life” and that it’s futile to fix the present, but an inaccurate list is a time capsule of taste and uh, why the hell not?

Hence this song: my favorite song at the moment and my personal pick for “best remix of 2009”. Those fleeting designations will no doubt change over the next few weeks, but it’s all about the message: Any day is a new chance—a new romance. The line about “a place where diamonds never fade away” is a red herring because the only such place is the here and now. In other words, embrace the present and give the new year and decade your fiercest enthusiasm.

Tristan’s Favorites for 2009:

Also, I’m seeking submissions for my Tumblr-oriented "albums of the decade" poll. Submit a top-ten ballot if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Richard Swift

Richard Swift - “Lady Luck" *

Well, it’s that time of year again. You know this time of year: when all the music blogs get together and decide how they’re all going to post the same 10 albums in different orders, with maybe one or two curveballs thrown in for ‘flair’.

Tuneage will of course participate in this year-end circle-jerk round-up, but we like to think ours is slightly different. First, we don’t post a single list (we’re far too lazy to get together to come up with a single list and argue over whether Merriweather Post Pavilion was really better than Veckatimest or just better hyped). Second, we’re posting our favorite albums of the year. Sure, they may not be the best (technically speaking), but they’re the ones we enjoyed the most…and I’d rather hear about the music someone really liked, rather than what they appreciate for its technical merits.

OK, enough babbling, here are my favorite albums of 2009 (in alphabetical order)…

Bill’s Favorites of 2009:

Much like last year’s list, I don’t think there’s much surprise here, but I’ve listened to each of these albums a few dozen times each over the course of the year and I have yet to grow tired of any of them. And if that’s not enjoying an album, I don’t know what is.

* Although his album, The Atlantic Ocean, didn’t quite make my favorites-of-the-year list,”Lady Luck” was easily one of my favorite songs of the year and somehow hadn’t been posted here yet. Oops, that makes two of these this week.

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Animal Collective - “My Girls

Since our last attempt to post this song got us slapped by The Man, hopefully we’ll get away posting the official video from the label’s official YouTube account.

This video can only be described as, well, everything you’d expect from an Animal Collective video. Do your eyes and ears a favor, and don’t miss it.

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Animal Collective - "My Girls" “Peacebone”

By now, I suspect that most people have heard about all the drama surrounding the internet vs. Animal Collective’s new album, Merriweather Post Pavilion (released on vinyl today), so if you haven’t heard this track yet, I recommend listening to it as soon as possible.

Reviews of this album have started to trickle in, and to call them superlative would not be an understatement. I’m usually suspicious of reviews this high, but I have to admit, this album is excellent. More subtle and accessible than their previous efforts, expect to see Merriweather Post Pavilion high on the year-end best of lists (yes, it really is that good).

"My Girls", with it’s Beach-Boys-on-acid harmonies and synth-drenched hand claps, is the first single from the album, which sees a CD/digital release on Jan. 20th courtesy of Domino Records.

Update: Apparently “My Girls” is still off-limits. We’ve been asked to take the song down; so we’re replacing it with “Peacebone”, the lead-off track from AC’s previous full-length album, Strawberry Jam.

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