Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - “Vocal Chords”

This song is my current obsession. It’s so catchy and light, it makes me wiggle my butt while sitting at my uncomfortable desk chair every time I listen to it during my 9 hour work day. But enough about me, who are Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. you ask? I’ll tell you.

Made up of the dynamic duo, Joshua Epstein and Daniel Zott, the Detroit based band just released their debut EP, Horse Power, on July 13th via Quite Scientific Records. They plan to release a full length sometime this fall. I’m stealing this great description from their bio - “The music is easy to become infatuated with, as if they hooked directly into your pleasure receptors.”

And after watching the video for the track “Nothing But Our Love” over at Pitchfork TV, my pleasure receptors are standing at attention, are yours?