"Rave On Buddy Holly"

I love Buddy Holly’s music. His music is simple, charming, innocent, light-hearted, and a litany of other adjectives that all add up to “great”. As a tribute, the Concord Music Group has put together a collection of covers that do what so many of these albums fail to do: pay proper homage to the artist without simply parroting the original records.

The line-up on the album is an impressive list of artists that includes The Black Keys, Modest Mouse, Julian Casablancas, Paul McCartney, and more, but if you ask me, the album is worth listening to for Patti Smith’s cover of “Words of Love” alone. It’s just fantastic.

The album is being released by Fantasy/Concord on June 28th. Do yourself a favor and buy it; I will be.

(Note: the link above is to a SoundCloud page where you can listen to the entire album. If SoundCloud isn’t your bag, NPR is also streaming the entire thing. Whichever you choose, I won’t judge, just listen to it.)