Caitlin Rose - “Shotgun Wedding

…and now for something completely different.

I live in Nashville, and true to the stereotype, there’s plenty of bad country music about. Luckily though, a lot of what’s around the city isn’t this poppy, Nickelback-with-an-accent, fake-country nonsense that you see these days. But if you stroll around town and listen, you’ll hear more country music that’s true to its roots, music built on solid songwriting, and instrumentation that requires talent, not a mixing board and Auto-tune.

So, to prove to you that country music isn’t all Taylor Swift or Keith Urban, I give you Caitlin Rose. A Nashville-local with a gift for songwriting, Caitlin and her music owes far more to the greats of Country Past than most of her contemporaries. Which is to say that Caitlin plays the kind of country I want to listen to: at times it’s fun and quirky, other times it’s heart-breaking and beautiful. It’s simple, and better suited to a dive-bar than it is to CMT. I could blather on about how good Caitlin is, but I should let the song speak for itself. Bill