Daedelus - “Fin De Siècle”

Daedelus endeavors to compose a requiem for the end — of beliefs, of lives, and of an era. This elegy for a bygone battle sheds light on our own contemporary conundrum: will our faith in modernity be our downfall? Are we blinded by this age of wonders, doomed to be destroyed by our ingenious inventions?

… so says the press release for Daedelus’ upcoming album Righteous Fists of Harmony. Heavy. He’s the type of artist who can play with such grand themes, doing so electronically and organically so as to exemplify and to challenge those very same ideas.

Take “Fin De Siècle.” Gorgeous strings, compressed at different, wavy levels and expressed as sound bouncing off the walls of a bare room with a hardwood floor.

Righteous Fists of Harmony comes out March 23rd on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint. In the mean time, check out the awesome visual promo for “Fin De Siècle”. gregb