The Dodos - ”Sleep

This is San Francisco duo’s fourth CD since forming in 2005. Taking the tempo of  Visiter and the overlaying harmonies of Beware of the Maniacs, the band has released another solid album.

What’s great about No Color is the upbeat energy that emerges from each song. It’s toe-tappin’ and head-bobbin’. However, the Dodos’s sound is more complex in this album, taking advantage of more than just Meric Long’s signature voice and Logan Kroeber’s unique approach to drumming. I often forget they are just a twosome putting together these tracks.

I had a lot of trouble picking between writing about “Sleep” or the album’s single, “Black Night.” But what Sleep offers is a familiar sound and more lyrical genius to current enthusiasts of The Dodos while the ability to hook new listeners. (Plus, Black Night is available for free off of Amazon.)