Jared Saltiel - “The Problem

“The Problem” is Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Jared Saltiel’s latest single and the cinematic sound - a dark, poetic tale of family strife with a driving beat and a remarkable string arrangement - now has a proper cinematic visual to accompany it.

The video is a collaboration between Jared and his filmmaker brother, Jason Saltiel, based on the relationship between a depressed teenager and his emotionally remote parents. It follows the 15-year-old protagonist as he attempts suicide, only to descend into a hallucinatory state during eerie foliage takes over their home as he follows his mother around. As the track reaches its climax, he comes to a hallway covered in beautiful trees, a sign that he has confronted “the problem.” Contrasting the natural world with a surreal artificial reality, it’s a beautiful and masterfully shot nod to the alternative music videos of the early 90’s.

Next week, Saltiel begins a tour in support of his forthcoming EP, Caught Beneath the Wheel. Head over to his Bandcamp for a free download of “The Problem.”