Miles Kane - Come Closer

Mr. Kane is no stranger to the music scene - he was a part of The Rascals and then The Last Shadow Puppets with Alex Turner.

Come Closer is off his debut solo album: Colour of the Trap. And his music shows that he’s definitely on the cusp of something. I’m just not sure whether that cusp is him developing an awesome unique sound or if his solo work is just another British cliché.

This song leans more towards kick ass though. It’s got something funky, vaguely 60s. Kane’s sharp with his guitar and I’m not going to deny doing a bit of air instrumentals during the killer solo. After drowning my emotions in a lot of overly complex indie lyrics this summer, I’m on a kick of embracing less verbose lyricists. Plus, the scat style call and response just gives itself to drunken sing-alongs.