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Everyone deserves good music.

Indie Dancefloor Workout

Playlist Fridays with Songza’s Indie Dancefloor Workout. 

Move your body with this playlist of fast-paced and sweaty indie dance, pop, and electronic songs from the 2000s to today.

I’ve been marathoning this playlist all week and no, I haven’t been getting swole. This energetic and creative compilation is  great for amping up for your mood.

What’s I like best is that the mixture of remixes and indie variations means this playlist works early in the morning, midday at your desk or late into night. I’ve jammed out while working in excel, while pregaming and it was an apartment party soundtrack.

Lakutis - Jesus Piece

While this song stands on its own, this brilliantly conceived music video doesn’t hurt. Raw style, dense lyrics that are split apart by a hypnotic and melodic chorus. The video sustains itself on contradiction.

Lakutis’ video, ‘Jesus Piece’ is filled with references and homages to hip hop videos of the past. And there’s a balance of self-awareness and confidence in this video— a sound that doesn’t boom with hubris but with an ego fueled by faith in his own sound.

All that being said, the trippy nature of the video makes it perfect for late-night viewing.

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