Pharrell Williams - Come Get it Bae

In all honesty, we’re not sure what Pharrell Williams is trying to accomplish in this forgettable music video.

It strikes us, in many ways, as the antithesis of John Legend’s empowering video that we wrote about last week. For one, the video begins heavy handedly. I mean, “BEAUTY HAS NO EXPIRATION DATE” is about as fluffy as philosophical maxims can get. And then Pharrell features women of varying ethnicities and ages, avoiding featuring more unconventional beauties of size or gender. The video is unable to shirk the male gaze; we look at the women through his eyes and their dancing (despite the carefree smiles) is quite literally mirrored for the cameraman.

And while I always appreciate a Miley cameo, her comedic appearance clashes so heavily with the video that it isn’t only out of place, it’s ridiculous.

So, are we happy? No, not really.


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‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Is Finally No. 1 On The Billboard Charts With ‘Mandatory Fun’ | Uproxx

Oh hell yeah.

(Source: popculturebrain)

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WWTB: July 22nd

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p.s. no one freak out, we also got a new tumblr icon.

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Tuneage facelift

About fifteen minutes ago, we launched our new site for It took a lot of cursing and time but we are so, so happy with it.

Special thanks to polysyndetons for his coding help, newpyramids for his insights and especially captain—cabinets for the amazing logo.

We hope you all love it as much as we do!

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Berlin Bar Hounds - Le Rambles

With a lead singer, Jacob Borg, that’s a dead ringer for The National’s Matt Berninger’s baritone, it’s not hard to immediately like Berlin Bar Hounds’ Le Rambles. I had to post this in the morning because song reminds me of waking up; a slow growth, gentle piano keys, soft vocals,  a culmination of beginnings for more than two minutes, until we reach the chorus. Eyes still raw from sleep, mind awakening, sound growing.

And it all makes sense, considering Borg wrote the song in his bedroom.

If you dig the sound, you can download Le Rambles for free here.

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